A Meeting of Chair of Milli Majlis Sahiba Gafarova and Speaker of National Assembly of Burundi

Chair`s Meetings
01 July 2022 | 19:59   

Chair of the Milli Majlis Sahiba Gafarova told Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Burundi Gélase Daniel Ndabirabe following the greetings at their encounter on 1 July that Azerbaijan was desirous to build mutually advantageous relations with all the states and that reciprocal visits were very helpful when it came to broadening such relations.

The role of parliaments in making inter-state connexions stronger was mentioned as well. The leader of the Milli Majlis spoke about the active groups of inter-parliamentary connexions with a good many countries and the Azerbaijani MPs’ energetic engagement in proceedings of international parliamentary organisations. Besides, Mr Ndabirabe was informed in great detail of the work done by the Milli Majlis.

Sahiba Gafarova spoke with praise about Burundi’s contribution to the proceedings of the Non-Aligned Movement before saying that the NAM PN Baku Conference had been conducted at the initiative that President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan had motioned as the chairman incumbent of the NAM. Mr Ndabirabe was told then that the constituent session of the NAM PN had been held in Madrid in November last year and that the topics covered at the Baku Conference were of universal significance.

Speaker of the Burundian National Assembly Gélase Daniel Ndabirabe thanked for the sincere reception before pointing out Burundi’s interest in promoting comprehensive relations with Azerbaijan inclusive of connexions with the Azerbaijani legislature. He talked about our country’s successes in every area and underlined the need to learn the experience that had made those successes achievable.

Then, Mr Ndabirabe extended to the Azerbaijani side his gratitude for the high-level arrangement of the Baku Conference, mentioned the recognition won by this initiative of our state and underscored the gravity of the matters covered at the gathering.

Other matters of common interest were discussed at the meeting as well.

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