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Deputy Chief of Staff

Yashar Allahgulu oglu AMASHOV

Mr Amashov was born in the Jalilabad Province on 3 November 1976. He studied at the Mathematics Faculty of Baku State University in 1993-1997 and at the International Law Faculty of BSU in 2004-2008. He holds the rank of the 3rd rank State Counsellor, and commands the English and Russian languages.

1997-1998 – a secondary school teacher in Jalilabad;

1998–2000 – an active service officer with the Armed Forces;

2000–2004 – an adviser to the Staff of the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic;

2004–2006 – Senior Counsellor;

2006–2007 – Chief Counsellor;

2007–2008 – Head of Sector; and

2008–2018 – Deputy Department Head.

Mr Amashov served as the chief counsellor to the Innovative Development and e-Government Affairs Department in 2018-2019 and, later, as the chief counsellor to the Economic Affairs and Innovative Development Policy Department of the Administration of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic.

He headed the Sector for Relations with the Milli Majlis in the Department for Relations with Political Parties and the Legislative Power of the Administration of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic in 2019-2020.

An active information security teacher and researcher; Mr Amashov has authored many scientific articles in this field.

Mr Amashov is married, with 3 children.

The Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan - The state legislative power branch organ is a unicameral parliament that has 125 MPs. The MPs are elected as based on the majority electoral system by free, private and confidential vote reliant on the general, equitable and immediate suffrage. The tenure of a Milli Majlis convocation is 5 years.