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Chief of Staff

Safa Abbas oglu MIRZAYEV

Mr Mirzayev was born into the family of a public servant on 12 May 1952. An Azerbaijani. Holds an honours law degree from the Law Faculty of Azerbaijan State University (Baku State University now) and PhD in Law, and is Associate Professor. Authored many research works. State Councillor in Deed, a Merited Civil Servant. He is decorated with the Order of Glory and the 2nd class Order "For Serving the Motherland" as well as the Commonwealth Order of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly. Commands the Russian and English languages.

Having started his pedagogic career as a teacher at the Theory and History of State and Law Chair at Azerbaijan State University in 1978, Mr Mirzayev went on to become a head teacher of the same ASU chair during 1983-1985. He was appointed Deputy Dean of the Law Faculty of the University in 1985. He won the All-Union Contest of Young Scientists and Specialists in 1983.  

In April 1990, he was elected by the USSR Supreme Soviet as a member of the USSR Constitutional Monitoring Committee and served in that position for almost 2 years.

Having returned to Azerbaijan in January 1992, he was appointed Head of the Legal Support and Monitoring Department of the Secretariat of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan Republic. He held the position of Principal Secretary of the Secretariat of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic in 1993-1996. He has been Chief of Staff of the Milli Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic since 1996.

Whilst a member of the commission for the drafting of the new Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic in 1995, he participated actively in the drawing-up of the first Constitution of the independent Azerbaijan.

Mr Mirzayev is a member of the New Azerbaijan Party.

Married with 2 children.

The Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan - The state legislative power branch organ is a unicameral parliament that has 125 MPs. The MPs are elected as based on the majority electoral system by free, private and confidential vote reliant on the general, equitable and immediate suffrage. The tenure of a Milli Majlis convocation is 5 years.